Bake Parlor Penne Macaroni

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Made from excellent quality durum wheat semolina, Bake Parlour Penne Macaroni is a versatile, durable pasta shape. With a variety of sauces and seasonings, its al dente firmness guarantees a delightful supper. Improve pasta dishes by using this timeless shape.

Introducing Bake Parlor Penne Macaroni, the ideal choice for creating delicious and satisfying pasta dishes. These short, tube-shaped noodles offer a versatile and sturdy texture that holds up well with various sauces and ingredients. Made from premium quality durum wheat semolina, Bake Parlor Penne Macaroni ensures a perfect al dente consistency every time. Elevate your pasta recipes with this classic pasta shape, whether it’s a creamy carbonara, a zesty tomato-based sauce, or a cheesy baked pasta dish. Enjoy the authentic taste and texture of Bake Parlor Penne Macaroni for a delightful meal experience.


400 g


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