Jazaa Cookies

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With premium ingredients and ideal baking for a pleasant crunch, enjoy the delectable flavours of Jazaa Cookies, such as Choco Vanilla and Strawberry Jam.

Enjoy the tasty flavours of Jazaa Cookies! Our Strawberry Jam Cookies provide a blast of fruity sweetness, while our Choco Vanilla Cookies are the ideal fusion of rich chocolate and creamy vanilla. Every bite of these delectable sweets, which are crafted with premium ingredients and cooked to perfection, is guaranteed to have a delightful crunch. Whatever flavour combination you’re craving—traditional chocolate and vanilla or a fruity twist—Jazaa Cookies has you covered. Enjoy them as a solitary snack or with a cup of tea. Today, treat yourself to some of Jazaa Cookies’ delectable flavours.


240 g


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