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    Hilal Ding Dong

    5.00 ر.ق

    Hilal Ding Dong Bubble Gum is a delicious, chewy treat for bubble gum enthusiasts. It offers a long-lasting, flavorful experience, perfect for blowing bubbles and enjoying pure fun. Whether you’re a kid or a heartthrob, Hilal Ding Dong Bubble Gum is sure to bring joy to your day.

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    Hilal Fresh Up

    6.00 ر.ق

    Hilal Fresh Up Spearmint & Strawberry chewing gums provide a refreshing, long-lasting freshness with a delightful taste. Each bite offers a cooling sensation of spearmint and a sweetness of strawberry, creating a perfect balance. Conveniently packaged, these gums provide a quick pick-me-up or fresh breath all day long.

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