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    Champion Green Tea

    15.00 ر.ق

    Champion Green Tea is a premium mix made from the best tea leaves and has a flavor that is both energizing and refreshing. Its abundance of antioxidants encourages overall health and a healthy lifestyle. Every sip is a lovely moment of relaxation thanks to its subtle aroma and smooth flavor. Experience the reviving power of nature by sipping Champion Green Tea hot or chilled.

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    Champion Kashmiri Tea

    8.00 ر.ق15.00 ر.ق

    Champion Kashmiri Tea has a flavor you won’t soon forget. This tea delivers a wonderful and genuine flavor because it is made with the best tea leaves and a mixture of aromatic spices. Champion Kashmiri Tea is ideal for a soothing and energizing beverage, and it will satisfy your demands and take you to the captivating valleys of Kashmir.

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