Bake Parlor Tomato Ketchup

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Bake Parlor tomato ketchup offers a delicious, creamy texture with acidic and sweet flavors, made from high-quality tomatoes. Perfect for enhancing snacks, burgers, and sandwiches, its squeeze bottle simplifies distribution and enhances cooking experiences.

Taste the delicious flavor of Bake Parlor tomato ketchup. This ketchup is packed with an acidic flavor and a bit of sweetness and is made with the best tomatoes. Its creamy and silky texture is ideal for giving your favorite snacks and meals a flavor boost. Bake Parlor Tomato Ketchup is a need in any kitchen, whether you use it to dunk fries, top burgers, or improve the flavor of sandwiches. Its handy squeeze bottle makes for simple distribution and hassle-free use. Enjoy a delicious cooking experience by elevating your taste sensations with Bake Parlor Tomato Ketchup’s rich and vibrant flavors.


450 g


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