Dadi Jan Chipster Pellets

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Dadi Jan Chipster Pellets offer three delectable flavors: Classic Salted, Tangy Tomato, and Spicy Masala. These premium pellets provide a perfect balance of flavor and crunch, making them perfect for on-the-go or home snacking. Enjoy a delicious munching experience with Dadi Jan Chipster Pellets.

Let your taste senses be enticed by the three delectable flavours of Dadi Jan Chipster Pellets. Try these delicious snacks for the ideal balance of flavour and crunch. Three mouthwatering flavours—Classic Salted, Tangy Tomato, and Spicy Masala—are available in the Dadi Jan Chipster Pellets. Indulge in the fiery tang of Tangy Tomato or enjoy the straightforward yet delicious flavour of Classic Salted. The Spicy Masala flavour will appeal to individuals who like their food with a touch of heat. Due to the premium materials used in their production, these bite-sized pellets have a crunchy texture and delicious flavour. Dadi Jan Chipster Pellets are the ideal snack, whether you’re munching on something on the go or watching a movie at home. With Dadi Jan Chipster Pellets, reward yourself with a delicious munching experience in


200 g


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