Entree Cake Rusk

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Enjoy the perfect tea-time companion with Entree Cake Rusk, made from premium ingredients. These crispy, flavorful rusks are perfect for morning or evening tea, with a hint of sweetness and soft texture. Enjoy them as a light snack or dip in tea.

Enjoy the perfect tea-time companion with Entree Cake Rusk! These crispy and flavorful rusks are a delightful addition to your morning or evening tea. Made from premium ingredients, they are baked to perfection, resulting in a satisfying crunch with every bite. The Cake Rusk offers a hint of sweetness and a soft texture, while the Plain Rusk provides a simple yet satisfying taste. Whether you dip them in your tea or enjoy them on their own, Entree Cake Rusk and Plain Rusk are the ideal choices for a light and delicious snack. Treat yourself to the classic taste of rusks with Entree and savor the moment.


400 g


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