Jazaa Vermicelli

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Elevate your culinary experience with Jazaa Vermicelli, made from high-quality durum wheat semolina. This versatile ingredient enhances desserts and savory dishes, providing authentic taste and perfect consistency. Explore endless possibilities in your kitchen and make every dish a culinary masterpiece.

savour Jazaa Vermicelli’s genuine flavour. This fine and adaptable ingredient, which is made from semolina of premium durum wheat, gives your favourite dishes a delightful twist. Jazaa Vermicelli ensures a pleasurable dining experience whether you’re cooking the traditional Sheer Khorma dessert or experimenting with savoury dishes like Vermicelli Upma. It’s an easy choice for busy kitchens because of its smooth texture and quick cooking capabilities. By using the robust and genuine flavour of Jazaa Vermicelli, you can up your cooking game and dazzle your loved ones. With every bite, savour the flavour of tradition.


150 g


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