Knorr Chatt patta Noodles

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Knorr Chatt Patta Noodles Family Pack offers four in One family pack of tangy, savory flavors, infused with the unique “chatt patta” spice blend. This quick-cooking, flavorful noodles are perfect for a delicious and hassle-free mealtime for spice-loving families.

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Introducing the Knorr Chatt Patta Noodles Family Pack, the perfect choice for spice-loving families! This pack contains four individual packs of Knorr Chatt Patta Noodles, ensuring everyone gets to enjoy the tangy and savory flavors. Each pack is infused with the unique “chatt patta” spice blend, creating a delightful fusion of zesty and aromatic notes. With the convenience of individual packs, it’s easier than ever to prepare a delicious and satisfying meal for the whole family. Knorr Chatt Patta Noodles are quick to cook and bursting with flavor, making them an ideal choice for a tasty and hassle-free mealtime. Spice up your family’s noodle experience with Knorr Chatt Patta Noodles Family Pack today!


4 Pack Inside


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