LU Gala

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Due to their ideal combination of crispiness and sweetness, LU Gala biscuits are a favourite. Due to their attractive golden brown colour and aesthetic appeal, they are perfect for eating alone or with tea or coffee. Take advantage of these biscuits’ lingering flavour for a delightful gathering or snack.

The LU Gala biscuit is a well-known biscuit favourite. These delicious sweets are baked to perfection and have the ideal balance of crispiness and sweetness. LU Gala is bursting with flavour and will sate your appetites with every bite. These biscuits are ideal for eating alone or with a cup of tea or coffee because of their light and airy nature. The LU Gala biscuits’ characteristic golden brown colour and aesthetic appeal enhance any snack time or gathering. Treat yourself to the enduring flavour of LU Gala biscuits and savour a moment of unadulterated pleasure.


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