Nimco’s Bareek Sev

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A crunchy, vermicelli-like strand prepared from premium ingredients is called Nimco’s Bareek Sev. It is well-liked by fans of snacks and gives culinary creations more flavour and texture. Enjoy Nimco’s Bareek Sev for all its savoury glory.

Bareek Sev from Nimco is a crunchy pleasure. These delicately seasoned strands, which resemble thin, crunchy vermicelli, are created from premium ingredients. Nimco’s Bareek Sev gives a blast of flavor and texture to your culinary creations, whether they are consumed on their own or as a topping for chaat and munchies. The light and crispy texture makes it a favorite among people who enjoy snacks. Enjoy Nimco’s Bareek Sev’s delicious saltiness to take your snacking to a whole new level.


200 g


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