Peek Freans Sooper

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All ages will enjoy the rich, buttery flavour of Peek Freans Sooper, a traditional biscuit. These recognizable cookies are made with wheat flour, sugar, and butter and are excellent for indulging. Savour the authentic flavour of a traditional cookie while enjoying them alone or with tea or coffee.

A traditional biscuit that has been pleasing palates for ages is the Peek Freans Sooper. With the ideal proportions of wheat flour, sugar, and butter, these crunchy and delectable cookies melt in your mouth. For all ages, Sooper is an enticing delicacy because each bite is bursting with a buttery richness and a tinge of sweetness. Peek Freans Sooper is the ideal companion for your times of indulgence, whether you enjoy them alone or with a cup of tea or coffee. These biscuits have become a well-liked household favorite because to their recognizable shape and delicious flavor. Experience the pure essence of a traditional biscuit by treating yourself to the timeless delight of Peek Freans Sooper.


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