Bake Parlor Twisted Macaroni

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Presenting Flexible, premium pasta prepared from durum wheat semolina is Bake Parlor Twisted Macaroni. Enjoy a great eating experience by elevating your food with this delightful twist.

Introducing Bake Parlor Twisted Macaroni, a delightful twist on classic pasta. These unique and eye-catching twisted noodles are perfect for adding visual appeal to your dishes. Made from the finest quality durum wheat semolina, Bake Parlor Twisted Macaroni delivers a satisfying and chewy texture that holds up well in any recipe. Whether you’re creating a creamy mac and cheese, a hearty pasta bake, or a refreshing pasta salad, this versatile pasta is sure to impress. Cooks quickly and retains its shape beautifully, ensuring a perfect al dente bite every time. Elevate your culinary creations with Bake Parlor Twisted Macaroni and bring a touch of whimsy to your dining table.


400 g


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