Bake Parlor Shashlik Macaroni

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Enjoy Bake Parlor Shashlik Macaroni, a culinary delight made with premium macaroni and authentic shashlik spices. This easy-to-cook macaroni dish offers a perfect balance of tanginess and smokiness, perfect for sharing with loved ones.

Discover the delicious flavour fusion of Bake Parlour Shashlik Macaroni. This dish is a culinary masterpiece that uses macaroni of the highest quality and is flavoured with flavorful shashlik spices. The flavour of the tender macaroni combined with the robust and tangy shashlik sauce will have you hankering for more. Bake Parlour Shashlik Macaroni is a great option for a quick and filling meal whether you’re cooking for yourself or hosting guests. Take your dining experience to the next level with this delicious and practical dish from Bake Parlour.


250 g


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