Dadi Jan Fried Onion

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The delicious and savoury topping for a variety of cuisines, Dadi Jan’s fried onions have a rich, aromatic flavour and are expertly cooked. Because they are made from top-quality onions, they improve the flavour of salads, curries, and biryanis, making them the ideal finishing touch for culinary masterpieces and wowing guests.

Get a taste of Dadi Jan’s fried onion’s rich and aromatic flavour. These crisp, golden-brown onions are perfectly fried to perfection, making them a delectable and savoury topping for a variety of cuisines. Dadi Jan Fried Onion gives a delicious crunch and improves the flavour of your favourite foods because it is made from premium onions. These fried onions add a flavorful and crunchy element to salads, curries, and biryanis. You can improve your culinary masterpieces with Dadi Jan Fried Onion and wow your guests with dishes that are on par with what you would find in a restaurant. The delightful crunch and aroma of Dadi Jan Fried Onion will improve the flavour of your meals.


400 g


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