Dadi Jan Khichiya

7.00 ر.ق

A crispy, salty snack called Dadi Jan Khichiya comes in three flavors: masala, tomato, and salt. They satisfy cravings by themselves or when combined with chutneys and dips and are made from premium-quality ingredients and expertly seasoned.

Discover the delightful Dadi Jan Khichiya, a crispy and savory snack that promises a burst of flavors. With three enticing variations, including zesty masala, tangy tomato, and traditional salted, these thin and crunchy khichiyas are crafted from premium-quality ingredients. Expertly seasoned, each bite delivers a mouthwatering blend of tastes. Whether enjoyed on their own or paired with your preferred chutneys and dips, Dadi Jan Khichiya will surely satisfy your snack cravings. Elevate your snacking experience with the authentic and irresistible flavors of Dadi Jan Khichiya.


200 g


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